ALL IN is All About Community Collaboration with Likeminded Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing more powerful than a group of ambitious business owners getting sh!t done together.


At the end of 2022, The ALL IN Company hosted a Live Retreat where our ALL IN Community Members teamed up and worked ON their businesses side by side.


The combined knowledge of this group was a powerhouse of brainstorming , where everyone was able to lend a hand in the creation of new revenue-generating ideas.

The insight and constructive criticism fellow business owners offer to each other, especially across multiple industries, is highly valuable and hard to cultivate without the presence of a dedicated community.


The activities our ALL IN Community Members covered were once in a lifetime learning opportunities:


Brainstorming Sessions
In these sessions, we fostered an environment in which one entrepreneur could only listen while the rest of the group collaborated amongst themselves and shared ideas on how to improve the profitability and success of the lone entrepreneur’s business.

The whole time, this entrepreneur must remain out of sight with only a piece of paper and a pen to jot down the ideas and thoughts being shared on their behalf. In every session, the business owner walked away with two or more pages of ideas.

This activity yielded new and unique ideas that the chosen entrepreneur may not have thought about, especially since their peers come from different industries.


Individually-Focused Sessions with Mike Michalowiz
Not only did valuable feedback come from these individualized sessions with author Mike Michalowiz, but they were conducted in the presence of fellow business owners. Mike provided outstanding advice and feedback to each entrepreneur while the rest of our community could listen and offer additional advice or support.

Collaborating with fellow, likeminded entrepreneurs creates ample opportunities for more success. The foreign insight from experienced business owners that strive to get sh*t done across multiple industries is a highly valuable resource.


Cultivating a community of helpful, nurturing, and above all else kickass entrepreneurs is one of part of The ALL IN Company’s main goals. We’re here to make things easy and fun while giving you the support you need!

We hope to see more of you fabulous Certified 5-Star Employers at our next Live Retreat!

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