Retain Your 5-Star Employees with Fun!

A fun and creative way to retain your 5-Star Employees is to  spin the wheel

At Supply Patriot, Danielle Mulvey’s construction material supplies business, employees give  shoutouts  to fellow team members throughout the week. Then on Friday, whoever has the  most  shoutouts gets to spin the wheel. Each number corresponds to a prize– mostly gift cards.

This is  retention and employee recognition  at its finest!

Roe Hughes, ALL IN’s tech wizard and 5-Star Supply Patriot Employee, shares his thoughts:

“Everyone gets excited for the wheel, even when it’s someone else’s turn! The team wants to see the person who won for the week win something good from the wheel. Sometimes everyone gets a spin, and then it becomes even more exciting.”

And how does this retention strategy make Supply Patriot’s 5-Star Employees feel?

“I think the prize wheel makes everyone feel valued at the company. Not only are they being recognized through the shoutouts, but the recognition is coming from everyone.”

Employee recognition, retention and a unique community of 5-Star Employees were created at Supply Patriot all thanks to man’s first invention:  the wheel .

How do you creatively retain your employees? Share your fun retention tactics in the comments below!

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