Three Hacks to Attract 5-Star Employees 

We’re going to take a wild guess here… 

You want candidates who will be WOWED by your recruitment and excited to move through your hiring process because it’s DIFFERENT and BETTER than everyone else’s, right? 

The ALL IN Company urges business owners to go ALL IN on their hiring process– this means building a structured and objective Hiring Gauntlet that easily ATTRACTS the top 15% of available talent, 5-Star Employees, and REPELS the 1, 2, and 3-Star Employees that weigh down your payroll!  

So, what can you do to ATTRACT those 5-Star Employees?  

There are lots of ways to attract 5-Star Employees into your organization, but these 5-Star Attraction Hacks are some of the best strategies The ALL IN Company recommends.   

  • Emphasize Core Value Alignment   
  • Share Specifics & Details in Job Postings  
  • Require Candidate Assessments & Testing   

Let’s break down each of these tactics and get into how and why they work. 

Emphasize Core Value Alignment   

Have you ever thought: wouldn’t it be easier to just clone myself instead of hiring new people?  

The first step to finding 5-Star Employees is to figure out your true Core Values, which are the business owner’s true values they believe in and uphold 100% of the time. 

Your Core Values are like the secret sauce to your business

These values should be an integral part of your company. While many businesses do have their Core Values listed out, they may not emphasize them enough. These aren’t just aspirational values you throw on a poster and tack to the bulletin board to collect dust; Core Values should be brandished throughout your company and implemented in your Recruitment and Hiring process! 

You also need create Clarifying Statements to further define and explain each of your Core Values. Once you solidify those, sharing them in your Job Postings and on your Dedicated Recruitment Site will ATTRACT 5-Star Candidates who share your values.  

Share Specifics and Details in Job Postings  

Most candidates will gather a first impression from your business just from the job post title alone! That’s why it’s crucial to get specific in your job postings. 

Oftentimes, businesses will try to make their application process easier to adapt to the fast pace of the online job market. While many businesses are attracting more candidates this way, they’re attracting the WRONG candidates. 

Unfortunately, easy-apply buttons and new convenience features in job boards attract the lazier candidates who are only interested in collecting a paycheck. You need to avoid these features in your pursuit of 5-Star Employees because our number one rule is to NEVER SETTLE in your hiring process

Require Candidates to Complete Skills Testing  

Your recruitment process shouldn’t end after the application is completed, or even after one interview! You should establish some hoops for your candidates to jump through to not only weed out the 1, 2, and 3-Star Candidates that don’t want to do the extra work, but to ATTRACT the 5-Star Candidates that will enjoy the challenge!  

5-Star Candidates will be happy to go through your Hiring Gauntlet, where you’ll add other elements into your recruitment process: 

  • Skills Testing  
  • Screening Interview 
  • Deep Dive Interview 
  • Job Shadow Days 

When built with creativity and objectivity , these steps in your Gauntlet will repell candidates who won’t waste their time with a skills test or multiple interviews. Only those 5-Star Candidates who think like you will be tempted to complete your Hiring Gauntlet.  

The Bottom Line?  

You should NEVER SETTLE in your hiring. You deserve a Dream Team that will consistently lead your business to victory! 

Being too lax in your Job Postings and application process will yield a larger number of average, ho-hum or worse candidates. That’s why STANDING OUT to your competition will yield you more and better candidates. 

Your Recruitment efforts should only focus on attracting 5-Star Candidates who align with your Core Values, enjoy immediate accountability from specifics in your Job Posting, jump at the opportunity to have their skills tested, and are truly excited to join your team versus your competition.  

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