Three Stellar Interview Questions You’re Missing in Your Candidate Interviews!

These interview questions may SAVE you from hiring 1, 2, and 3-Star Employees

We’ve all been through the standard interview questions…

What are your greatest strengths?

Tell me about a time you failed.

Why do you want this job?

The truth is these basic, boring interview questions are setting you up for mishires !

You need questions that engage your candidates

Your questions need to assist you in objectively hiring .

These stellar interview questions come from our 11 Universal Qualities of 5-Star Employees Interview Packet . They go above and beyond the common, bleh interview questions we’re all sick of.

  • Tell me about a time when you weren’t asked to support a coworker, but you offered to help anyway. What was the situation? Why did you offer to help?

This interview question should capture your candidate’s capacity to be supportive to their team members. Note this question has layers of follow-up questions that encourage a very specific answer from your candidate.

  • What sorts of organizational changes have you found easiest and/or most difficult to accept?

This question gages a candidate’s potential to be limber , which is an essential quality all 5-Star Employees have . Interview questions work best when they don’t lead a candidate to the answer you want to hear, but rather ask the candidate to elaborate on topics by themselves. All you have to do is listen

  • Describe the last piece of content you came across and were WOW’ed by.  What was so impressive?

This question gauges a candidate’s passion for learning . It’s important to ask candidates how they educate themselves or what helps them to grow so you can ensure that their desire to learn will be met as part of your team. Personal questions like these also demonstrate to your candidate that you’re truly invested in their answers.

Which of these unique interview questions would you use? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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